Sarah's Process - Sarah Cogan Design Industries
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For Sarah, each project is its own living organism influenced by the experiences and framing of its contributors, and therefore it needs to be nurtured in its own unique way to cultivate the story’s highest resonance.

Along with each phase comes a dedication to focused listening, communication and collaboration to ensure the best results.

Great storytelling exists in the alchemy of the mind. The ruminating between design conversations that allows your daily experiences, your environment and your research to bond within your subconscious and infuse your storytelling instincts with meaning. The longer the rumination, the deeper the bonds and the more impactful meaning. --Sarah Cogan


Beyond just the physical world of the characters, but research into the why behind their world and choices within it.


The synthesizing of the research, design conversations and director’s perspective on the story through Sarah’s unique, holistic design approach.


Converting the research into visual thoughts through pencil drawings, collages, and physical art.


Taking the drawings a step further by filling in the details and conveying a clear representation on where the physical designs are heading.


Where the rubber hits the road and dream worlds become realities though construction of costumes, the building of sets, and the rigging of lights.


Regardless if in tech or on set, each design continues to be pushed to perfection as characters and their worlds become more clear to the cast, team and director.